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A traditional music four-piece performing their own carefully crafted songs.

On the Edge
The new album
Folky MacFolk Face
On the Edge is the 2nd studio album from Folky MacFolk Face. Featuring guest artists Adam Sutherland (fiddle), Trish Strain (cello), Paula Gómez (fiddle) and Xosé Liz (flute), On the Edge has 12 beautiful tracks for you to enjoy.
Listen for free on the link above before you buy.
Farewell to Darien
On the Edge (2019)
Òganaich Uir a Rinn M' Fhàgail
On the Edge (2019)
The Good Ship Albion
On the Edge (2019)
Eabhnat's Waltz
On the Edge (2019)
When Night Falls - The debut album.
When Night Falls (2018)
The Iolaire
When Night Falls (2018)
Port Arthur
When Night Falls (2018)
Rescue Me
When Night Falls (2018)